How to use Photoshop to prepare a photo for printing on canvas

In this post were going to show you how set up your photos for a canvas print using Photoshop.  It’s actually really simple to do, and should only take a few minutes once you get the hang of it. You can use other photo editing software to achieve the same results, however we use Photoshop at, so we’re going to  keep the instructions limited to what we know.

Let’s get started.

1) Adjust your color settings.
Open Photoshop. Then go to Edit > Color Settings. Change your working spaces to RGB: Adobe RGB(1998), & CMYK: U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2. Be sure to change your Color Management Policies to the working space for both RGB & CMYK

Why do this ? Our printers are set to convert files to certain color spaces before the file actually prints. So what this means to you is that if you are using a different color space edit than we are using to print, chances are your prints may look a little different in person than what you may see on screen.

Set your color space in Photoshop

Set your color space in Photoshop

2) Create a file. File > New.
Here’s where we enter our file settings. For demonstration purposes we’re going create a file for 12″x12″ gallery wrapped print that will be using our thick 1.25″stretcher bars. The file should be 15″x15″. This gives us enough image space to ensure that our final print wraps entirely around the sides of the stretcher bar. We have added 1.5″ of space to each side of the image. Set your resolution to 150 Choose a color space of CMYK and a background color of white. Then click OK.

Create a new file

Create a new file

3) Drag guides.
Go to view > show rulers. You should now see rulers on the top and side of your window. Now simply click drag a guide from the rulers to 1.5″ from each edge. These guides will help you show you what parts of you image will be cropped and visible only on the edge of your canvas print.

Drag your guides

Drag your guides

4) Open your photo, then drag the photo into the new file you just created.

5) Edit, Edit, Edit - Resize, adjust colors, levels, or apply whatever filter(s) you like at this time…This your time to be creative, so let it rip!

6) Save As…
Once your happy with your image go to File > Save As. Choose .jpg or .tiff as your file format. Be sure to UNCHECK the Layers box. Click Save. That’s it. Your ready to submit the photo to us for printing onto canvas. BooYah!!!

If you have any questions we’d be glad to help. Email us a

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